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How do I rename both a Git local and remote branch name?

git branch -m <oldBranchName> <newBranchName>
git push origin :<oldBranchName>
git push --set-upstream origin <newBranchName>

If you don't want to keep these changes, simply use the --hard flag. Be sure to only do this when you're sure you don't need these changes anymore.

git reset --hard HEAD~1

To modify the latest remote commit message

git commit --amend -m "xxxxxxx"

Delete the remote branch

git push origin --delete remotes/origin/feat/project-layout

Prune the remote branch

git remote prune origin

To display all branch in git log --graph

git log --all --decorate --graph

To pick a commit to specify branch

git cherry-pick <commitSha>

To clear the git stash

git stash clear

To reset the commit

git reset --soft <commitSha>
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